Hello VR World!

The age of consumer virtual reality is finally upon us. With mainstream adoption finally around the corner, there has never been a more exciting time to get into development. As with any new medium Virtual Reality presents a wide array of challenges and design paradigms whose solutions are not always obvious. In fact, these solutions are constantly being iterated upon and improved as the technology matures. One of the biggest challenges companies who are investing in VR today are facing is that standard design practices and use cases have not been sufficiently mapped out. Rather than continue to watch developers re-invent the wheel or search for solutions that are already in the public domain we decided to act. We want to make sure that every developer has access to the latest in research, technology solutions, and development resources as he/she continues builds the next generation of content. Locomotion, photogrammetry, and user interfaces continue to be a big pain point for many and it is our hope that by providing information to those who seek it, we will help bring about innovation at a faster rate. We have been hard at work these last few months to help bring you tutorials that are in line with the trends we see developing in the industry. Our website is designed in a modular format to make sure you can find the content you need without having to read through pages of extraneous content. In the coming weeks we will continue to add content as fast as we can produce it to meet the growing demand coming from new developers in the medium that we have come to call home.

Happy Developing,

The LeadingOnes Team

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